It seems like many companies and other events are starting to cut down on their entertainment budgets this holiday season. Up front that seems like the logical place to start when trying to make the bottom line. Entertainment is not a necessity and it is not necessary for company profits, or is it?
    If you look at it from a military point of view, and from the viewpoint of many great military leaders, the key thing to keeping a fighting force viable, other than the given of training, equipment and leadership, is good moral. Many battles and wars have been won or lost depending on the moral of the troops fighting it. In fact sometimes regardless of troop numbers and strength of force, a battle has been won by a lessor force, because of moral.
    I remember when my dad was working in car sales, back in the 60’s and the family did not have much money, and the pay was on a commission only basis. My dad worked very hard and found great success at the dealership. Although dad could not provide all the latest toys and other things we hoped for every Christmas, we always had the company Christmas party to look forward to, Santa, a present, a holiday show on the showroom floor, and the free turkey. My dad ultimately became the top Chevy salesman west of the Mississippi river, and the dealership became one of the largest in the United States.
    My point is when times are tough, as they were coming out of the World War, and into the 60’s, companies realized the value of moral. Perhaps this was because many of the owners and workers had experienced the war, and the U.S.O., and realized that the moral of the troops gained by their entertainment was the most valuable weapon of all. Subsequently in their businesses they applied this basic concept and drove their company’s to great success.
    This year times are challenging in many ways, including financial, for both companies and the families. Our president came into office offering hope and has given us, so far. what seem to be empty promises. Should a company decide to cut back on the entertainment budget to compensate for losses? There is no question we all need to be more selective with our money, but something we all need to be aware of is entertainers are also very aware of budget situations this season.
    Rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater, it is my hope that entertainment buyers in the corporate arena, should understand that we entertainers are ready to perform at a budget that can still work for your bottom line. We understand how the economy is, we live in it. Don’t decide to simply not do an event based on what it cost you in the past. Many top entertainers are willing to give discounts and support your company.
    In closing, as with all things business, it is my hope that executives will take a look at how companies in the past helped their employees to become the best, and in doing so make their companies become the best. Moral boosting through entertainment, especially in the holiday season, could be the best way to grow your companies bottom line and ultimately move the economy upward again.
    Just like our fathers, mothers and grandfathers did with their companies and in their work so many years ago, moral building through entertainment, remains a time tested and successful strategy.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas
Michael Mezmer
Master Hypnotist

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