What does it Cost to Run a Booking Business?

There are many who think that booking companies take too much, and for some that may be true. At Entertainmentmax, we believe that an educated entertainer is a great part of our business which is why we are opening our doors to you about our business.

We have at any given time 3-4 paid telemarketers who contact all the venues that we can find.  These people get paid whether they book a show that day or not.  We also have the cost of multiple phone lines, long distance, fax lines, internet, server, postage, marketing materials and supply cost. We have the cost of web creation, IT maintenance, legal, accounting, advertising, and insurance. We also have the cost of the desks, furniture, software, heat, electric, water and air.

All of these costs are incurred before we even book a deal.

Now let’s say we book a deal. There is commission to be paid to the finder or the referall person. We generate contracts, get them signed, order riders, mail out marketing and provide tax information.  With military contracts - the paperwork is enormous.  All this goes on before you even get booked.

We then contact you the entertainer and book you for the show. At this point, its not uncommon to put in multiple man hours to get to this point.  Shows don’t just drop into our laps, we have to call and mail and call again.  Our salepeople need to sell shows, often where there aren’t any or where there are shows being done unsuccessfully.

The days before the show we locate direction, passes or anything else the entertainer needs in order to do the show. We check in with the client and assist them in marketing and advertising where we can.

The day of the show arrives- someone needs to be paid to cover the office or cover the forwarded phones.  If an entertainer is late or lost, we are reached by the talent or the client.  All this time is charged agains the company as no one works for free.

After the show, the client is called and the show is reviewed.  Thank you notes are written and thank you gifts are sent.  All at the company cost.

We think it is important for all our entertainers to know that though they are a vital part of the show, they are one part in the whole system that makes that show possible. Without the telemarketers, there would be no shows. Without the marketing materials sent out, there would be no show. Without the directions sent there would be no show. Without the appropriate customer service in thank you notes and thank you gifts and follow up there would be no future shows.

So the next time you do a show for us, take a moment to think about all the people that make that show possible.   We are a team here and we think of our entertainers as part of that team!

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